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Some Warrior Tips in Maplestory

Hello!Welcome to from other site,hope you have a good time to read it.Even though warriors are known for fighting up front and soaking up a lot of damage,measures should always be taken to minimize the amount of damage taken to save pots and mesos:

1- Knowledge of terrain- If there exists a spot on the map which allows you to attack your enemy while not getting hit,why not use it?

2- Use appropriate pots- Use pots appropriate for your HP/MP.Smaller pots usually have better meso/HP or MP ratio.Good MS players should seriously consider pots sold in New Leaf City,which for warriors and mages quickly become much more cost efficient than potions sold anywhere else.Master HP Increase Mastery as soon as possible.This will slow your training at first but it will increase your HP.Then by level 30,you will have about 1,500-1,600 HP.This applies to both normal warriors and HP warriors.If you do not decide to master it soon,you will lose about 500 HP.Some say Final attack has the flaw of activating unexpectedly,sometimes at the wrong time.However,this helps you quite a lot.It speeds your training speed by a margin.

3- Jump attacking- Jumping over a small monster while attacking it,then proceeding to attack it from its behind is a good way to avoid bumping into it.One must always take note,however,of the terrain and position of other monsters so as to not take more damage than is necessary.

4- Knowledge of enemy skills and habits- Know your enemy!Certain monsters have certain skills and attack patterns.Ghost Pirates and Dual Ghost Pirates don't use their unavoidable magic attack when you are on level ground with them a short distance away.Therefore,it would be wise to not jump around while attacking while staying close to the monster.Grim Phantom Watches only use their ice attack when they are facing left.Attack them from the right!It is knowledge that differentiates a good warrior from an average one.

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A part of Level guides in MapleStory

Welcome to from other site,and hope it helps you more or less.That are as follows:

-Level(10-13)- It's too bad that you don't have your extended range.In order to save money,you probably want to switch between the Wrist Guard and the short sword depending on

what enemies you are fighting.Go to Henesys Hunting Ground and kill some snails for now.If you are feeling adventurous, go to the slime tree,and start de-sliming.Now that you

have lucky seven,killing slimes are extremely easy.If you are funded,you can take some money and buy a better claw or throwing stars and go de-sliming more easily in Ellinia.

Fear the power of Assassins!Another option for levels 10-14/16 is to kill orange mushrooms,they give more experience than slimes and can generally be killed in 3-4 hits. If you

put your level 10 skill point on lucky 7,regular pigs can be killed using only 3 stars.Henesys Party Quest is a good option.

-Level(14-16)- Quick set up the levels of Henesys Hunting Grounds.HHG 3 is generally the best open empty spot.Since it is very difficult to find pigs in numbers without the

ribbon pig alongside it go and travel across all towns except for Perion and kill everything killable.Another good leveling location is the map East of Kerning City,where you

can easily kill Octopus and Green Mushroom,giving you quick EXP,although be sure to stock up on potions!Leveling should be extremely fast if you're funded with kumbis or better.

-Level(17-19)- When your level 10 lucky seven is enough to kill pigs in Pig Beach in one hit and ribbon pigs in two,and while it's not extremely profitable,you won't lose

money,and will gain some from the occasional drops.And yes,nobody can ks you,not even a mage.Beach occasionally.So watch out!If you managed to aggro it,cast Disorder if you have

it.The party quest is a great place to level from levels 21-30.By doing this with either nice people or friends you can not only save money but also gain precious ores that you

will need to make weapons later on.If not,continue to follow the guide.

-Level(20-24)- Continue at Pig Beach if you're going for the poor build.Training is going to get slower now,but bear it for now.If you're maxing Lucky Seven early,then go ahead

and kill Green Mushrooms,and hope that the ever-elusive pan lid drops.A Better alternative is the Bubling monster in Kerning subway Line 1 they give the same EXP as green

mushrooms but with relatively no KSers.

-Level(25-30)- Horned Mushrooms or Green Mushrooms at ant Tunnel.The former is more profitable,the latter is quicker,although you will lose money.You could also try Jr

Sentinels,but it is not recommended.Zombie Mushrooms are also an alternative if you have Kumbi or better,as you can easily 2HKO them with Lucky 7.If not,stick with Horny

Mushrooms.Wild Boars can be an option too if you seriously think you have enough money to burn on potions,and boars move quite quickly,which is more challenging.

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Permanent Beginners in MapleStory

Welcome to Mmooffers! Permanent Beginners are those Beginners who stay Beginners past the first job advancement. The path of the Permanent Beginner is challenging, and only those with the patience can create a successful Beginner. Here are several of the most common reasons given for remaining a Beginner:

- The challenge involved.
- The fact that Beginners do not lose experience upon death.
- The fact that the Cabs remain inexpensive at a 90% discount.
- It is easier to save Mesos because traveling via Cabs is inexpensive.
- Because of the rarity of Permanent Beginners and the challenge, Beginners will be envied.
- The privilege of being able to wield rare weapons like the Frozen Tuna, Sake Bottle and Maroon Mop in some MapleStory versions which have extremely high weapon attacks and low level requirements.

there are a few cons that may outweigh the pros while the pros are promising,and depending on the user's opinion. Here are the cons:
- Beginners have very few skills. 
- Beginners don't have much weapon and armor selection.
- Beginners deal lower damage than Warriors until their level is about level 40.
- Beginners will be KSed a lot more in their higher levels than they were in the lower levels.

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Thief Guide In MapleStory

Hello players,welcome to that I got from other website.Let me introduce to you.

- level from 30 to 34 - Ant Tunnel. One double stab should kill Horned Mushroom and sometimes Zombie Mushroom in one hit. Training will be a bit slow, but bear it for now. Carnival Party Quest is also a great option, though getting a party may be a little tough, it is the best experience for the levels up to about 45.

- Level from 35 to 39 - Land of Wild Boar I. By this point you should be able to semi-consistently 1HKO boars with a decent weapon. However, if you're going for SB first, you will have to wait until level 37, when you can 6 hit with SB. Another good alternative is doing Ludibrium Party Quest, but it may be a bit harder.

- Level from 40 to 42 - You should start with Cave of Evil Eyes as both SB bandits and Mastery bandits should be able to off Evil Eye in 1 hit semi-consistently. For the rich, try to go for paper lantern ghosts and dark cloud foxes at zipangu.

- Level from 43 to 45: Fire Boars/Leatties/Jr Cats/Dark Leatties. All of them share about the same HP, and you should be able to 1HKO them most of the time. Because You can kill rombots fast.

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MapleStory: Easy experience

Welcome to, and hope you like it. Let me introduce it to you.

You could kill amount of damage on a monster but don't die, then wait for someone else to kill it. When it dies, you will automatically get experience. While you are waiting, inflict some damage on another monster.

Until level 90 for easy experience , you can use this trick. But this method is not considered "training". To enjoy your MapleStory experience, it is recommended that you do not always use this method. This method is just for means of leveling up faster. Get max Three Snails, a beginner skill, and gather at least 1,000 Red Snail shells. Then, take the boat to Orbis, then the train to Ludibrium from there. Have a high leveled friend that can kill Vikings escort you to Warped Path of Time: IV. Stand in a location that is safe and have your friend lure Vikings there. You will not get hit if you chose a good location.

As he lures them to you, use Three Snails on the Vikings only once. Your friend should then kill the Vikings after you have used Three Snails on them.. You will gain at least 900 experience with every Viking that you have snailed that your friend has killed, depending on your level. Note: This also works with Death Teddies, Master Death Teddies, and Grim Phantom Watches.

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